Getting Started

Choose the right plan

WP Advanced Content Protector is the best choice to protect content and images on your WordPress sites. There are 3 available plans:

Single plan

You can use WPACP with Single plan for 1 WordPress site. It can be the right choice if you have only 1 site, or if you would like to test what can WP Advanced Content Protector do (you can upgrade your subscription later).

Multi plan

You can use WPACP with Multi plan for up to 5 WordPress sites. Regarding that the Multi plan price is very reasonable, if you have at least 3 sites you should choose Multi plan.

Lifetime plan

We created Lifetime plan for freelancers and agencies. Lifetime plan can be used on unlimited sites. We offer a Lifetime plan for a reasonable one-time fee.

Install WP Advanced Content Protector

  1. Login to My account on
  2. On the next screen you will see your subscriptions. Choose any active subscription and click to Manage Subscription
  3. On the next screen click to Download plugin installer
  4. Login to WordPress admin where you would like to install WP Advanced Content Protector
  5. Go to Plugins < Add new and click to upload plugin
  6. Select the previously downloaded ZIP file ( and click to install

Text features

WPACP has not just innovative, but intelligent text protection features. Thanks to this, your visitors can still copy phone numbers, e-mail addresses without issues, but malicious users can't steal your content.

Disable Copy

With the "Disable Copy" mode in WP Advanced Content Protector, trying to copy text from your site won't work. This is true whether someone uses the mouse's right-click, keyboard shortcuts, or the browser's Edit menu. This keeps your content safe and stops others from copying it without permission.

Modify Text

Another option is the "Modify Text Mode". With this mode turned on, users can still copy text from your site, but the plugin will cleverly change it, making the copied version different and not usable. It's a tricky way to let people think they've copied it correctly, while actually protecting your original content.

Don't just protect your content, make it work for you. With the "Add Link" feature, when someone tries to copy text from your website, a link to the current page gets added to their copied content. This ensures that wherever your content goes, readers always know its original source, and it drives traffic back to your website.

Remove Words

The "Replace Words" function enhances content protection. When a visitor copies text, the plugin will automatically replace specific words according to your settings. You can replace most important keywords, so the results will be unusable for those attempting to repurpose your content without permission.

Inject Words

With the Inject Words feature, you can insert pre-defined words randomly into the copied text. You can use offensive words or just funny ones, but the main point is that because of the inserted words, the copied text will become unusable.

Create Typos

Protect your content's authenticity with a clever twist using the "Create Typos" feature. When someone tries to copy text, this feature will intentionally mix up words and add errors. The copied text then becomes less readable and less likely to be used elsewhere, safeguarding your original work.

Source Protection

The Source Protection feature makes textual content unreadable in the source code, which is then made readable again on the frontend using JavaScript. The solution we use is SEO-friendly, as Googlebot can index content generated by JavaScript.

OCR Protection

When WPACP detects that a user is trying to capture the textual content, it makes it unreadable for OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Alert on Copy

Alert on Copy: When a visitor tries to copy text, the system can show an alert box with a message you set. This way, you can inform the user that copying the content is not permitted.

Image Features

WPACP protects the images on your site with unique solutions. You can disable copying, and you can also use an invisible watermark, which only becomes visible when the image is saved or when user creates a screenshot.

Disable Copy

If you enable this option, users won't be able to copy images using right-click. It also prevents the copying of background images.

Invisible Watermark

If you enable this option, all your images will be watermarked. For your visitors, the watermark will not be visible. However, if someone attempts to save the image, take a screenshot, or locate the image in the source, they will obtain a version with the watermark.

Screenshot Protection

If the invisible watermark is enabled and WPACP detects that a user is attempting to take a screenshot, the invisible watermarks become visible.


Text Feature Exceptions

Minimum Word Count

Give your visitors the ability to copy short texts. This feature ensures that shorter sections, like an address or brief description, can be copied while still preventing content theft by copycats.

Stop Words

Allow your visitors to copy content, but with a catch. They can only copy texts that contain specific words you've chosen. This way, you have control over what portions of your content are more freely accessible based on the words within them.

Exclude URLs

You can set particular web pages on your site where you permit users to copy text.

Image Feature Exceptions

Minimum Width

You can exclude small images and icons from being watermarked. Here you can set a minimum width value for watermarking images.

Excluded Image URLs

Use partial-, or full URLs to exclude certain images from being watermarked.


0.3.5 – 2023.12.04.

  • [FIX] Minor bugfixes
  • [IMPROVE] 3rd party page builders compatibility improvements

0.3.3 – 2023.11.21.

  • [FIX] Updater issues

0.3.2 – 2023.11.19.

  • [FIX] Minor bugfixes

0.3.1 – 2023.11.15.

  • [FIX] Updater error on frontend

0.3 – 2023.11.14.

  • [FIX] Minor bugfixes

0.2 – 2023.11.04.

  • [FIX] Minor bugfixes

0.1 – 2023.11.01.

  • Initial release